4th Of July Paintings

Hometown Pride

Celebrate Independence Day with fine art from Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. From star-spangled imagery and iconic landmarks to scenes of rural America, our collection of canvas art can stir anyone’s sense of national pride. Stop by the gallery to see all of our wall art up close.

Flag Paintings

Nothing says Independence Day art like the stars and stripes. A pair of paintings — America’s Pride and The Light of Freedom — prominently show the flag flying over Washington, DC and New York City.

For a more down-to-earth style of patriotism, titles like Hometown Pride and Liberty Lane Cottage feature suburban and rural houses decorated in red, white, and blue. The coziness of these scenes makes these pieces of art a perfect fit for your master suite as well as your great room.

American Paintings

Art that features American landmarks and country life make great Independence Day paintings as well. Places like Liberty Plaza, Philadelphia and the Statue of Liberty reflect the history that makes America what it is today.

Farm scenes like Sunset at Riverbend Farm define the American vision of the simple life. Nostalgic paintings like this and The Old Fishin’ Hole are great summer decorations for any bedroom.

Freedom Paintings

Artwork that captures the great outdoors can’t help but evoke nature’s wild freedom — a feeling that’s especially poignant around Independence Day. The ocean, beautifully depicted in La Jolla Cove and Pacific Nocturne, has long been a symbol of independence.

Paintings of America’s natural wonders, like Yosemite National Park and The Grand Canyon, celebrate both the liberty found in nature and the liberty we enjoy as Americans. Nature paintings are a great fit for a study or home office and an excellent way to keep the spirit of Independence Day alive all year round.

Highlights From Our Collection

Our collection is filled with patriotic art and classic Americana. Any of these paintings would make great Independence Day decorations that your family will cherish for decades. Here are some more paintings on canvas that would be perfect for the fourth of July.

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