American Pride Artwork

Homecoming Hero

Show your American pride with artwork from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas. See our collection of home decor capturing touching scenes of the American flag and other patriotic paintings. When you visit us at our Fort Worth gallery, our art consultants will help you with everything from selecting the perfect piece of art for your home or for the homes of everyone on your list, to choosing a corresponding frame to complement it.

Honoring American Heros

Thomas Kinkade honors the men and women who have answered the call to serve with stunning artwork. You’ll feel a swell of American pride as you gaze at these heroes in action serving our country. From the brave firefighter in the painting, Selfless Service, to the selfless policeman in Kinkade’s Called To Serve, to the soldier returning home from the pains of war in Heading Home, Kinkade captures the essence of what it means to be an American hero.

American Flag Artwork

Nothing symbolizes America like the Stars and Stripes. Kinkade showcases our beloved flag alongside some of our nations iconic landmarks. You’ll feel a surge of gratitude for our freedoms in the painting, The Light of Freedom. In this American flag painting, Lady Liberty shines her light of freedom while the American flag waves large and proud for all to see. A similar flag waves majestically, but in a different setting in America’s Pride. In this painting, you’ll see a dramatic flag waving over our nation’s capital. With American flag artwork like By The Dawn’s Early Light: Fort McHenry 1814 by Zac Kinkade from our Fort Worth gallery, you can display your own American pride with the beauty and artistry of Thomas Kinkade.

Hometown Paintings

Feel the charm and nostalgia of Thomas Kinkade’s hometown American pride paintings. From a charming bungalow proudly displaying the American flag to the red, white, and blue welcoming visitors to a quaint cottage, you’ll love the color and detail in these delightful paintings:

American Pride Art At Thomas Kinkade

You’ll want to visit our Fort Worth gallery to see these patriotic works of art for yourself. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, office, church, or school, the helpful art consultants at our Dallas area Thomas Kinkade Gallery will help you select the perfect piece of American art for your space. Show your American pride in timeless Thomas Kinkade style.