Art That Captures Southern Charm

Southern Charm Art

What better way to decorate your Texas home than with art that captures southern charm from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Dallas-Fort Worth? We feature not only paintings of the south but wall art that depicts the feeling of quaintness and closeness shared and loved by many of us in the southern United States.

The Southern Charm Of North & South Carolina

Sun-bleached homes, twinkling small-town Christmas lights, high-class southern estates, and quaint coastal lighthouse scenes all await lovers of North and South Carolina. This wall art is right at home in your country cabin or Carolina beach house. Hang these for your own decor or gift these unique paintings for cozy, down-home vibes.

Paintings Featuring Mississippi & Tennessee

We also carry Limited Edition fine art depicting scenes from the Mississippi River, Memphis, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A luxurious paddle boat lazily floats down the Mississippi. Elvis’ beautiful estate delights the music lover in us all. A small-town in the Smoky Mountains glows with warmth as dusk approaches.

Southern Art By Zach Kinkade

Our Dallas area art gallery is pleased to feature the southern art of Zac Kinkade. Zac Kinkade captures the charm of Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina in ways only a native of the south can. Landscapes, cultural icons, farms, and fun all permeate his paintings on canvas. You have to see these paintings up close to appreciate the time and detail he puts into each canvas painting.

Shop Our Selection Of Southern Paintings In Texas

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to add a little southern charm to your home decor, stop by the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth. Our Texas art gallery is rich with portrayals of the southern states and everything we love about them. We invite you to experience this artwork in person today.