Decorating with Statement Piece Art

Statement Painting Decor

Don’t just decorate, make a statement with fine art. Wall art can be an accent, or it can be utilized as a creative tool to really say something. There are so many ways to say, “this space is mine, and this is how I want you to feel while you’re here.” Make sure the messages you are sending through your home decor are beautifully and authentically you with statement piece art from Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth.

What to look for in a fabulous focal point:

  • Go Big – Choose One Large Painting As A Focal Point
  • Mix It Up – Cover A Large Wall With A Gallery Of Small Art
  • Make It A Pair – Pair Two Or Three Larger Works With Similar Color Schemes

Nail That First Impression

You’ve probably heard the saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, your entryway is the gateway to each and every welcome home. You can instantly set the scene for calm comfort, sleek sophistication, or a sweet, sunshiny time with the right, large entryway painting.

Tone-Setting Paintings For Every Room

In order to really be a statement piece, your painting should stand out. Keep your decor neutral, and let the artwork do the talking. Display special wall art over prime indoor real estate – over the couch, above the bed, or as a main feature in the dining room. These types of spaces can usually accommodate one large or 2-3 moderately sized works.

Add Instant Personality

Can’t settle on just one painting? Or maybe you’re more of a gallery wall person. Make a big statement with a collection of smaller paintings that reflect your tastes. From outdoor scenes to florals to scifi, you are sure to find pieces to start or flesh out a statement wall’s worth of art that is uniquely you among our Limited Edition selection.

Shop Statement Piece Art In Dallas-Fort Worth

Start conversations and create a memorable experience for visitors with statement piece art from Thomas Kinkade gallery in Fort Worth, Texas. Stop by today to make your selections and get advice on both framing and lighting your larger paintings to make the biggest impact possible.