Easter Paintings

Easter Paintings

At Thomas Kinkade Gallery, serving the Dallas-Forth Worth area, we offer beautiful paintings that capture the eternal hope and love that characterize the Easter season. Whether you want a grouping of religious artwork to express your faith, paintings of flowers to brighten your walls, or one or more pieces of Easter wall art to adorn your church office, we have gorgeous wall art that will beautify any setting.

Christian Paintings For Gifting & Decorating

Many Christians love to decorate with religious artwork as a daily reminder of God’s love. A painting such as Walk of Faith, which shows Jesus and Peter strolling in a garden, would be an ideal gift for any believer, whether at Easter, or other times of the year.

Thomas Kinkade Easter paintings will lend beauty to any room in your house not just during the Spring season, but all year long.

Brighten Your Dining Room With Paintings Of Flowers

If you aren’t looking for overtly religious pieces, our flower paintings on canvas would be an excellent addition to your Easter home decor. The Garden of Hope, with its abundant sprays of colorful blossoms bathed in radiant sunbeams, would look fantastic hanging on your dining room wall during Easter dinner. Or, if you a fan of roses, consider A Perfect Red Rose, which symbolizes the greatest love of all.

Easter Gifts For Pastors & Mentors

Thomas Kinkade began working on Remember Me: Amazing Grace I, while he was attending Easter service. He painted while the pastor was preaching. What better Easter gift could you give your pastor or mentor than this painting, with its depiction of the three crosses on Mount Calvary, reminding us all of God’s perfect love for humanity?

Inspirational Art – The Perfect Easter Decor

If you’re in the Denver area, we invite you to stop by our Texas art gallery today and explore our collection of Easter wall art in person. Soak in the beauty and be inspired as you browse Easter paintings that remind you of Jesus’ eternal love.

Discuss your favorites with our Thomas Kinkade Gallery art consultants. We look forward to helping you decide which pieces may be right for your own home, office, or worship space.