European Paintings

French Riviera Café

European art can add Old World charm to a dining room, sitting room, office or bedroom. A painting can also bring back fond memories of travel abroad, making it a perfect anniversary gift. If you’re looking for European paintings to add to your home decor, look no further than Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area.

Whether for yourself or for someone you love, we’re sure that you’ll find the right piece in our collection.

Landmarks Everybody Loves

The centerpieces of our European collection are paintings of famous landmarks. We have art showing the Eiffel Tower on a bright morning in Paris, France, and Big Ben as twilight falls over London, England.

Venetian Cafe depicts the essence of Venice, Italy with its canals glittering in the golden glow of dusk and the street lamps. Thomas Kinkade’s brush also captures landmarks that define Europe’s lesser-known cities, like the Dome Cathedral of Riga, Latvia.

Bring The European Countryside Home

One of our artists’ favorite subjects is a simple, rural life. Emerald Valley is an Irish take on this popular theme, showing a village of stone and thatch cottages along a river flowing through the titular valley.

Heiligen Blut shows the small Austrian town in the middle of winter, surrounded by mountains. It contrasts a harsh scene with a welcome sight for any traveler braving the Alpine cold.

The Beauty Of The Alps

The Alps are among Europe’s iconic natural wonders. The painting Spring in the Alps vividly displays the contrast between the famed, snowy peaks and the lush, green valleys that surround them.

In Harmony With Nature

Thomas Kinkade’s work also shows how Europeans built their towns in harmony with nature. Island Afternoon, Greece depicts sunny village hugging an inlet of the Mediterranean, and Edinburgh, Scotland shows the capital’s Old Town spreading down from its ancient, hilltop castle.

More Paintings Of Europe

Our artists have captured many more scenes of Europe, from France, Britain, Italy, and everywhere in between. Here are more highlights from our collection of European artwork.

Find European Art In Texas

Do you want a piece of our European decor for your home? Visit our Ft. Worth Thomas Kinkade Gallery today to see all of our beautiful canvas wall art in person. Can’t find what you’re looking for on our walls? Our friendly art consultants have access to a catalog of hundreds of titles — including rare and Limited Edition artwork — and can help you find the perfect piece.