How Are Paintings Valued?

Painting Values

Although many art collectors would consider their collections priceless, there is a rhyme and reason to the valuation of creative works. The masterpiece hanging on someone else’s wall or your Dallas area art gallery might just look like a can of soup to you, and your A Perfect Yellow Rose might just be a vase of flowers to them.

At Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, we want to help you understand a little more about the factors that make up the value of a painting.

  • Artist
  • Provenance
  • Authenticity
  • Edition
  • Condition
  • Quality
  • Subject
  • Market

Artist & Provenance

The painter is the first and most determining factor in determining a painting’s value. Who is the artist? Did the artist create many works of art? Would you say the technique and style used are what this artist is known for? You’ll want to consider questions like this when trying to determine your artwork’s worth.

Provenance is the ownership history of the painting. Was it owned by a prominent politician or famous celebrity?

Authenticity & Edition

Once you know who the painter is and where this piece has been, you’ll want to know that it is authentic. At Thomas Kinkade, we always recommend that our collectors purchase only from a reputable source.

We also make confidently investing in our paintings easier by identifying each Limited Edition painting in various unique ways and by including individually numbered Certificates of Authenticity.

Condition & Quality

The condition of a painting will also affect its value, no matter who originally painted it. Restored artworks are valued much lower than a high-quality original. Some collectors will only purchase unrestored works.

Each Limited Edition painting from Thomas Kinkade Studios starts with high-quality materials built to last for generations.

Subject & Market

Subject and market are the two aspects of artwork valuation that are the most personal and unpredictable. You’ve probably watched an antiques show from time to time where an item that looks like nothing special to you ends up being worth an incredible sum, where another person’s beloved gem of an item ends up with a value not much higher than dinner out with a friend.

You can’t control where the market will flux or which themes will draw the highest bidders. Fortunately, if you invest in paintings that you love, you’ll always be surrounded by artwork with value to you.

Buy Limited Edition Fine Art In Texas

At Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, we invite you to explore our Limited Edition fine art collections. Stop by and chat with a friendly Art Consultant about new releases or upcoming special events. With such a varied catalog of editions and themes, we’re sure to have something for you to start or add to your painting collection.