Inspirational Paintings & Wall Art

Remember Me

Transform your work or relaxing space with inspirational paintings and wall art from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, TX. Inspirational artwork can take a tough day and introduce a little more peace or motivation. If you or someone you know could use a little pick me up daily, visit our Texas art gallery for motivational home decor.


We All Need A Little Inspiration

From positive nursery decor to movie paintings to cheer up a student, or a canvas for the busy office, who couldn’t use a little uplifting now and again? Fine art takes your traditional motivational artwork and introduces depth and character you can’t get from a calendar or poster. Why not invest in artwork that really feels like it fuels you?

Scenes To Meditate On

Give yourself a point of spiritual reference as the sun sets behind the hill of Calvary in Remember Me. Watch a little ship fight against big waves in New Horizons. Be an immovable lighthouse in the face of the storm as you meditate on Courage.

Reminders Of Freedom

Need a little patriotic motivation? Dedicated to Liberty features Lady Liberty standing tall. The flag flies strong and free in America’s Pride. These are perfect inspirational paintings for military families, immigrants working towards a new life, government offices, and anyone who feels impressed at the thought of the freedoms we fight for and enjoy.

Dream-Worthy Destinations

Our next vacation or dream destination is just the thing to inspire hard work today. Whether your ideal relaxing spot exists at a European cafe, a quiet camping or fishing spot, or on a sandy beach, we have an inspirational painting for you. Why not bring a little paradise into your home, study area, or office with this motivational art?

Just Add A Cape

Superheroes can remind us what we stand for or the kind of world we strive to create. Motivate yourself with Superman – Protector of Metropolis or Wonder Woman – Lasso of Truth. These heroic scenes can encourage the idea that one man or woman can make a difference, with or without the cape.

Inspirational Wall Art In Texas

Turn wall art into a source of motivation with inspirational paintings from Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. We have canvas art that will move, stimulate, and exhilarate you. Our Texas art consultants look forward to helping you find and frame exciting canvas art that supports your goals and lifestyle.