Meditation Art

New Horizons

Among the collection of beautiful paintings at the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, we carry art that can help you meditate. Our tranquil scenes of quiet places and the glories of nature are sure to bring peace to any space and support your daily meditative practice.



Religious Reflection

Meditation paintings are perfect for the Christian home. You can focus your Christian meditation with canvas wall art like The Cross, one of our many scenes set in Jerusalem or on a painting of the Savior. Prayer and reflection are so crucial for recentering life on what’s really important, and we have artwork to support these efforts.

Support Through The Struggles Of Life

Our Pathway to Paradise and Stairway to Paradise both make for great meditation art during some of the harder times in life. They remind us that this too shall pass and better times are just ahead. We just need to take things one step at a time. In the meantime, these quiet scenes provide refuge for our mind.

Focusing Your Breaths

Move the blades on the windmill in The Wind of the Spirit. Breathe in and out with the waves in Pacific Nocturne. Meditation wall art helps instill these images with every breath you take, bringing with them calm and regularity in a world of chaos.

Quiet Time For Families

Busyness and unrest are all around us day in and day out. Why not turn your family gathering spaces into places of solace and refuge with meditation paintings. Garden paths, gurgling streams, and quiet forests await to encourage deeper thought and calmer times.

Bring More Peace To Your Space

If you’re looking for a little more quiet time, why not invest in art to help you meditate. A painting from our Thomas Kinkade Gallery is like a guided meditation in itself. Stop by and see us in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area today. We look forward to helping you transform your Texas spaces through the beauty of art.