Mediterranean Art

Mediterranean Art

Take a visual trip abroad with Meditteranean Art from Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, TX. The alluring Mediterranean Sea has captured the imagination of artists for hundreds of years with its dazzling azure waters and scenic coastal locales.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home decor or find the perfect gift for a loved one, you’re bound to find a beautiful piece of Mediterranean-themed wall art in our collection.

A Nice Day At The Beach

Take a relaxing afternoon vacation to The Beach at Nice. This plein art painting exhibits an impressionist interpretation of the French city’s iconic coastline with its crystal-blue waters and bustling beach scene. This painting would add a fresh breath of sea air to any living or dining room.

A Busy Fishing Village

The painting Portofino captures the laid-back atmosphere of this famous fishing village and holiday resort situated on the Italian Riviera. This gorgeous painting features vibrant ancient buildings situated on a lush hillside blending seamlessly into the town’s picturesque harbor.

Portofino would be a great gift for your favorite fisherman. Accent his lakeside cabin with this colorful fleet of fishing vessels, floating peacefully on the calm seawater.

Peaceful Seaside Escapes

Imagine walking through the nearly empty cobblestone streets of a coastal city and then coming across a majestic sunset over the sea. Whatever troubles you may have will surely melt away with a French Riviera Cafe. In this painting, the warm glow of dusk and streetlamps contrast against Southern France’s tranquil waters.

An Italian Cafe also beckons you to take a seat and forget all your problems with its depiction of a sprawling view of the Sicilian coastline from the comfort of a quiet seaside village. Brighten up a dining room, restaurant walls, or even a waiting area with these pleasant paintings.

More Paintings Of The Mediterranean

Our Limited Edition paintings encompass numerous Mediterranean scenes, including bustling ports and seaside towns in Italy and France, as well as more laid-back images of remote escapes in Greece and Israel.

We invite you to explore some of these other unique options from our Texas art gallery:

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