Paintings For Cinderella Fans

Wishes Granted

Delight the princesses in your life with paintings for Cinderella fans from your local, Fort Worth Thomas Kinkade Gallery. Spoil your inner princess or surprise the little princesses you love with a stunning selection from our Cinderella wall art collection. 

Fairy Tales In Fine Art

Fairy and folk tales have been treasured and passed down for a good reason, and Cinderella is no exception. The timeless story of kindness in the face of struggle and the ability of the human spirit to overcome even the greatest of odds is an international tradition.

  • Germany’s Aschenputtel 
  • France’s Cendrillon 
  • Italy’s Cenerentola 
  • Ireland’s Ashey Pelt
  • Norway’s Katie Woodencloak
  • Scotland’s Rashin-Coatie
  • The Ojibwa’s Sootface
  • Cambodia’s Angkat
  • China’s Yeh-Shen

We’ve captured many of the most beloved scenes and settings from the American version of this story on canvas. Just like the tale, these Limited Edition fine art Cinderella paintings are also created to be treasured and passed down.

A Timeless Disney Classic

Many of us have grown up with Disney’s1950s animated take on this famous folktale. Since its original release date, generation after generation has fallen in love with our sweet, simple heroine through this film. 

Our Thomas Kinkade Cinderella art applies masterful artisanship to translate scenes from the animated movie. Bring the magic home to enjoy again, and again without having to turn on the tv.

Why not pass on the fun and fantasy? This Disney fine art makes great classroom decor, children’s library decor, children’s hospital decor, kid’s room decor, and Disney-themed nursery decor.

Modern-Day Magic

In 2015, Disney reintroduced Cinderella to a whole new young audience and recaptured the imaginations of already established fans with a new, live-action movie. Experience the romance, the excitement, and the enchantment of this motion picture in our Cinderella movie paintings.

The Iconic Cinderella Castle

You don’t have to be a dedicated Cinderella fan to recognize Cinderella’s castle. This iconic palace is at the center of any visit to Disney World. Relive your favorite scenes or make a little girl’s dreams come true with our canvas art renditions. 

Start Your Princess Collection

Most Cinderella fans also love the stories and films of other Disney princesses. Need a good anniversary gift idea, birthday gift, or girl’s dream room makeover idea? Start a princess art collection or deliver a set of complementary pieces from our assortment of fine, canvas art home decor. 

Buy Cinderella Art In Texas 

You can’t visit the princess in blue or watch movies every day, but fine art is always there to be enjoyed effortlessly. Bring the Cinderella fan in your life on down to Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth today. If you’re picking out a special gift or having a hard time deciding on just one, our Texas art gallery consultants are here to help. We look forward to showing you these bewitching masterpieces up close.