Paintings For Dog Lovers

Dog Lover Paintings

If you have a special place in your heart for man’s best friend, then we invite you to visit our Thomas Kinkade gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, and see paintings for dog lovers. The charming playfulness of dogs is captured in this beautifully fun dog artwork.

Your Favorite Disney Dogs

Disney films feature some of the most famous dogs of all time. Pluto, Micky’s faithful companion, frolics in the snow as Mickey and Minnie decorate the lamposts in Mickey’s Victorian Christmas. Who could forget one of the most romantic canine couples featured in the painting, Disney Lady and the Tramp Fall in Love?

And, of course, love, fun, and mischief abound when you have 101 dogs. In 101 Dalmations, white dogs with their signature black spots enjoy a rest in a picturesque country setting against the London city backdrop. You’re sure to get a thrill of nostalgia when you see these charming dog paintings in person.

Celebrate The Holidays With Dog-Themed Art

Christmas is a time to gather and celebrate with loved ones. What better way to celebrate with our furry loved ones than with a Christmas painting featuring these lovable creatures? In A Victorian Christmas Carol, a boy and his trusty companion take a stroll through a quaint Victorian village. Friends and neighbors gather together to celebrate the holiday season.

In Home for the Holidays, dogs join in on the festive fun. Family and friends enjoy the snow with a horse-drawn carriage ride, sledding, and a friendly snowman.

You might also enjoy these dog paintings:

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers

Consider giving the gift of Thomas Kinkade fine art to the dog lover in your life. These stunning paintings are filled with charming details, vibrant colors, and are made from the highest quality materials.

Our dog paintings are a gift that will be cherished for generations. When you visit our Fort Worth gallery, our helpful art consultants will help you find the perfect painting featuring dogs for your loved one.

Honor Your Furry Friends With Dog Art

Experience our fun-filled dog art at our Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas gallery today. You’ll love seeing the detail and artistry that goes into each painting. We can help you find the right gift or painting for your space, help you choose a frame, and even give you tips for hanging and showcasing your new piece.

Honor your furry friend and their fans today with paintings of dogs from Thomas Kinkade Gallery.