Paintings For Horse Lovers

Horse Paintings Texas

Find beautiful paintings for horse lovers of all kinds at Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. Whether you grew up with horses, love westerns, or just daydream about the rural equestrian life, horse wall art can bring you one step closer to the animals and lifestyle you’re interested in.

Fine Art For Horse Fans

Not everyone has the room for a pony or two. When you have access to beautiful, high-quality horse art, you can still enjoy the beauty, power, and strength of these majestic creatures. From wild and free scenes by Chris Cummings to the peace and serenity of the farm life by Zac Kinkade, we are sure to carry a painting on canvas that speaks to the horse lover in you.

Chris Cummings – Gorgeous, majestic paintings of horses set among natural landscapes. Forests, fields, streams, and red rocks are the backdrop to running, relaxing, and playing horses.

Zac Kinkade – Farms, barns, and even an ark can be found in his horse and animal artwork.

Thomas Kinkade Studios – Classics by Thomas Kinkade showcase the wonders of equestrian life. The horse lover at heart is sure to enjoy one of these beautiful paintings on the wall of their home.

Gifting & Decorating With Horse Paintings

Decorate for the season or surprise your favorite holiday hostess with canvas art depicting horse-drawn sleighs and carriages or snowy scenes and flicking manes. Families celebrate together in the warm glow of a victorian home while their beloved friends gather and trade their own stories outdoors.

Find Horse Paintings In Fort Worth

Looking for the perfect gift for a horse lover? Paintings from Thomas Kinkade Gallery are gifts that can last and be passed on for generations. Visit our Dallas-Fort Worth Metro gallery today to explore horse art, add to your collection, or choose an unforgettable gift.