Paintings For Large Walls

Large Wall Art

Find the perfect paintings for the large walls of your Texas home at Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth. We carry canvas art in a variety of sizes, and a wide selection of subject matters, for both residential and commercial spaces. Explore your options in our Texas art gallery to see what a significant impact fine art can make in the grandest of rooms.

Great Art For Large Walls

As vaulted ceilings, minimalist designs, and open-floor plans become more and more popular, we are faced with a home decor dilemma: How should we decorate those large walls? For best effect, look for these traits and apply these techniques when choosing paintings for a larger wall:

  • Pick A Large, Statement Piece
  • Alternate Larger & Smaller Wall Art
  • Accent Paintings With Furnishings Or Plants
  • Hang Fabric Or Wood Backdrops Behind Your Art
  • Create Cohesive Or Themed Collections
  • Arrange Small Canvases Geometrically
  • Use Lots Of Color

Super-Sized Statement Pieces

Large wall paintings can be a fabulous focal point for living rooms and entertainment spaces, or even for entry areas and foyers. Choose statement pieces that mean something to you. Love travel? Try a beautiful cityscape. Express your Texas-sized faith or patriotism. Or, bring the vastness of the great outdoors inside.

Look for monuments, landmarks, landscapes, or paintings of estates. From the Big Apple to Big Ben, we have art for large walls that is sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Hang any of these impactful pieces lower to draw the eye downward and highlight other areas of your room’s decor.

Colossal Collections

Big wall art can not only highlight prominent wall spaces but can also be composed of larger-than-life characters. Check out our Disney or DC art for ideas and easy to put together pieces. Hang a trio of dancing princesses with complimentary frames. Cover an entire wall with Mickey. Use a ledge to group a variety of different superhero wall art.

A Little Color Goes A Long Way

If eye-catching color is more your style, we invite you to explore paintings by featured artist Eric Dowdle. Big wall paintings are like an explosion of energy, sure to brighten and liven up your home’s decor.

Large wall artwork by Eric Dowdle takes Disney to the next level. As a bonus, these larger pieces make his attention to detail even more fun to explore.

Fine Art For Large Walls In Texas

Looking to decorate a big, empty wall in your home? We invite you to check out the paintings on canvas at Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth. Please stop by our Dallas area art gallery and ask about paintings for large walls today.