Paintings For Modern Home Decor

Sunset Over Golden Gate

Find paintings to complement your modern home decor at Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas. At our gallery, you will find stunning works of art from artists such as Eric Dowdle, Chris Cummings, Zachary Kinkade, and of course, the painter of light himself, Thomas Kinkade.

As you browse through our selection of modern style artwork, you’re sure to fall in love with paintings that are just right for your space.

What Is Modern Style Decor?

The modern design movement began around the late 19th century. Previous styles featured heavy woods, a variety of textures, bold furniture, and were vastly decorated. In contrast, modern style is characterized by clean, crisp lines. Neutral colors are usually mixed with bold-colored accents, metals, and an overall minimalistic design aesthetic.

The modern style gives a room a sleek, uncluttered look.

Modern Art For The Modern Home

When choosing modern style paintings for your home, look for bold statement pieces. Although modern home decor is usually kept to a minimum, one or two carefully-chosen pieces of art can bring a “wow” factor to your contemporary space.

Beauty, Quality & Style

Each beautiful painting in our gallery is created with fade-resistant vibrant colors and high-quality hand-stretched canvas. This artwork is designed to last for generations. You’ll love the way your rooms come to life with Limited Edition artwork.

Modern Art & Top-Notch Service In Fort Worth

At Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, our art consultants will not only help you find stunning wall art for your space, but they will help you choose a frame that fits perfectly with your modern style decor. Visit us today to see our paintings in person.