Paintings Of Famous Landmarks & Monuments

Landmark Monument Art

A beautiful collection of paintings of famous landmarks and monuments await you at the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Our stunning landmark paintings on canvas are set in a variety of your favorite US and international locales.

Patriotic Monument Paintings

When you mention monuments and landmarks, many people immediately think of our nation’s capital. With such a historical collection of monuments, it’s easy to understand why Washington DC is frequently featured in fine art.

Our canvas paintings of monuments and landmarks, commemorate iconic American moments. This canvas artwork makes for lovely home decor, office decor, and government building decor. Paintings of US landmarks are a unique gift idea for any US veteran or history lover.

Artwork Featuring Lady Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty is one of our nation’s most famous landmarks. In Dedicated To Liberty and The Light Of Freedom, we see beautiful paintings on canvas featuring this larger than life symbol of freedom. Either of these patriotic wall art pieces would look amazing displayed in a home office or reception area.

From Sea To Shining Sea

Aside from our national landmarks, the United States is home to a large assortment of monumental architecture scattered across the country. From New York City to San Francisco, you will find an eclectic collection of well-loved monuments and landmarks cherished by both residents and tourists alike.

At Thomas Kinkade, we offer paintings of famous monuments and landmarks set in distinctive locations around the country.

Landmarks Around The World

Looking for a gift perfect for any international traveler and art lover? Our Dallas gallery also has a fabulous selection of fine art paintings of the most recognized and beloved landmarks and monuments from around the world.

Paintings Of Landmarks & Monuments In Texas

For an impressive selection of monument and landmark paintings in the metro area of Dallas-Fort Worth, look no further than the Thomas Kinkade Gallery. Our experienced art consultants can help you find the perfect gift or new piece of canvas wall art home decor.

Stop by our Texas art gallery today to discover your new favorite painting.