Paintings Of Horses & Cows

Let your imagination ride into the setting sun on the back of a horse-drawn buggy with canvas wall art from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery collection in Ft. Worth Texas.

Our assortment of cow and horse paintings vary from exciting and bold rodeo scenes to fond memories of a peaceful life on the farm.


Home On The Range

Did you grow up on a farm? Maybe you’re having fun watching young ones ride the same rodeo circuits you once did. The horse and cow paintings in our gallery, are sure to please anyone who loves cows, riding, horses, and a simple life.

Homage To The Cowboy From Dallas

Cowboy aficionados will get a kick out of the traditional cowboy artwork, Deep In The Heart, by Zac Kinkade. In this painting of horses and cows, Zac Kinkade has masterfully hidden reminders of his own family ties mixed with famous T.V. show fictional cowboys.

Paintings Of Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse art is a wonderful home decor addition to entryways and parlors where people mingle most often. Hop on the stagecoach in Charleston, Sunset On Rainbow Row. Get your friends reminiscing about the good old days of horse-drawn buggies.

Farms Off In The Distance

If you grew up on a farm, then you’ll love the horse paintings Dusk In The Valley and Sunset At Riverbend Farm. With signature sunsets and old fashion barns and cottages, you can almost hear the cows mooing and the ducks quacking as you get lost in these pieces.

Buy Horse & Cow Art In Texas

The best way to choose art is to view the art up close in its original form. Stop by Thomas Kinkade Gallery conveniently located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Our art consultants are waiting to help you with choosing and framing the horse or cow art that accentuates your home and individual style.