Paintings Of Summer

Summer Breeze

Match your indoor spaces to the light and warmth of the outdoors with summer-themed art from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth. Bring home the feelings of fun and relaxation that come from a cruise, camping, visiting grandkids, or lounging by the pool with summer-inspired art.



The Summer Paintings Of Marjolein Bastin

The bright, blooming flowers and sweet little birds of Marjolein Bastin’s paintings of summer will be a constant source of smiles for your family, visitors, and guests. Warblers, finches, and fuzzy little bumblebees flit joyfully among vivid greenery and pink and yellow flowers in
Sweet Gathering and Meadow Paradise.

Enjoy Warm Natural Landscapes

If road trips and hiking trails are on your list of summer activities, then you might enjoy High Country Wilderness and Spirit Of Guadalupe. Those two pieces are just a few of our summer-themed paintings of the great outdoors. They invite the peaceful spirit of national parks, wildlife, and nature into your home for soothing indoor spaces.

Delight In Summer By The Sea

Whether you prefer cruises or cruising along in your own watercraft, we have a wide range of summer paintings featuring boats, the beach, and many types of seascapes. You’ll never have to leave palm trees, sandy shores, and bustling marinas behind when you take advantage of fine art offerings such as A Summer’s Morning and Summer Breeze.

Revel In Quaint Southern Scenes

Sometimes, a quiet day at home is all you need to enjoy the warm, delightful months of summer. Smell sweet flowers wafting on the breeze, or enjoy a relaxing day tickling fish in a pond, without leaving the comfort of your living room. Summer-themed art on canvas brings scenes of your perfect day within reach.

Make A Statement With A Painting Series

Start a conversation, or make a beautiful statement, with an art series like Summer Gate and Beyond Summer Gate. These complementary paintings of the summer take your wall art up a notch in a way only fine art can. These paintings on canvas invite you to explore the grounds of a beautiful Victorian estate among dappled sunlight and brilliant blooming landscapes.

Your Texas Source For Summer Decor

Refresh your surroundings with new wall art in Fort Worth; we invite you to stop by our Texas art gallery today. Thomas Kinkade Gallery combines the elegance of fine art with the depth and imagination of Thomas Kinkade’s matchless style. See how our limited edition paintings on canvas can elevate your summer home decor. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect painting for you or as a gift for someone special.