Paintings Of Texas

Hank's Honky Tonk

It’s a big state with a big heart, so there’s no wonder that paintings that feature Texas are some of the most popular at our Thomas Kinkade gallery in Fort Worth. When decorating your Dallas area home or sending a gift out to someone feeling a little homesick, why not choose art with a large dose of Texas pride?

Our Texas Paintings

The landscape, the people, and the values of this great Southern state provide an artist with lots of inspiration. We try to capture it all in our collection of Texas wall art. This fine art on canvas features the Southern lifestyle in masterful brushstrokes and light, like no other type of home decor.

Country & Western Influences

Have a taste for a night of line dancing or cards at the hometown bar? Zac Kinkade’s Hank’s Honky Tonk brings together an appreciation for country and western music and an old-timey flair. This Texas artwork would be perfect for a pool room, man cave, or saloon inspired guest room.

Farm & Ranch Art

Country Living and Deep In The Heart display the beauty and simplicity of farming and cattle ranching in Texas. A rancher brings a young calf back to the safety of the big red barn at the end of a hard days work, complete with his excited but loyal furry companion.

Ducks and deer hideout among the greenery across the creek (or is it crick?) from a warmly lit farmhouse. If these simpler times and hard working lifestyles say Texas living to you, then why not add a little fine art to your home decor?

Monuments, Mountains & Tradition

El Capitan dominates the Guadalupe range of mountains in the Texas painting, Spirit Of Guadalupe. A historic Texas home is front and center in Thistle Hill. Paintings on canvas can bring just as much majesty as quaint simplicity to your home decor.

Paintings Of Texas In Fort Worth

If you live or shop near Dallas, stop by and see some of our paintings that feature Texas at the Thomas Kinkade gallery in Fort Worth, TX. We look forward to showing you artwork that looks and feels more like home. A gift straight from the heart lasts a lifetime when you select one of our Limited Edition paintings.