Ranch & Farm Art

Sunset at Riverbend Farm

Nothing says American heritage like ranch and farm art from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, TX. These rural landscapes and vistas evoke the memories of the families who were, and are still today, the backbone of American independence and pride.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Deep in the Heart, by Zac Kinkade is a perfect example of colors and light coming together to bring focus to the beauty and simplicity of ranch life. This painting includes many nods to Texas culture. This makes it perfect for an art lover in the Dallas area since there is a specific homage to J.R. Ewing from the T.V. show “Dallas”. It’s peaceful setting, and vibrant colors make it charming home decor for your family room or any place where the family gathers. Bring the peace of a Texas ranch into your home and find all the hidden wonders in this charming painting.

Americana At Its Finest

If you concentrate, you can almost smell fresh bread baking and fruit pies cooling on the windowsill when you gaze on Sunset at Riverbend Farm and other farm scene paintings in our Dallas-Fort Worth gallery. You will be amazed at the detail and the peace and serenity of these classic works. Stop by and bring a piece of the farm home today with the following ranch and farm art:

Farm Art Brimming With Life

Many of these famous farm paintings are brimming with life. They are filled with grazing horses, elegant deer, and flaming orange sunsets over towering mountains. Spring flowers or fall leaves add pops of dramatic color and contrast, as the movement of light sweeps over the scene, bringing warmth and realism. These heartwarming pieces would make beautiful gifts for friends and family. No one can resist the charm and wonder of peaceful, fertile farmland and majestic mountain landscapes.

Stop On By For A Spell

Come and visit our unique Fort Worth gallery and enjoy the ranch and farm art we have on display. Find the perfect piece to display in your own home or as a gift. Let the warmth and radiance of these farmhouse scenes soothe you. We look forward to showing you all the Thomas Kinkade Gallery has to offer.