Spring Artwork

Sunday at Apple Hill

Chase those Texas winter blues away with lively, bright spring artwork from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Dallas area of Fort Worth.

Whether you are looking to refresh your home decor, get your Easter shopping done, or just want to bring some cheer into the office, we have paintings of spring perfect for your purpose.


Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Our fine art collection includes brilliant blooms and lush green landscapes. Unlike a trip outdoors, spring paintings won’t irritate your allergies or attract stinging insects. You can invite the sunny, colorful touch of a garden indoors without actually having to spend hours outside nurturing, cultivating, pruning, and planting.

Spring Decor From Thomas Kinkade

At the Thomas Kinkade Gallery, our spring artwork takes advantage of masterful brushstrokes, radiant color, and light. Watch as each scene seems comes to life. You almost expect rays of sunshine and the scent of blossoms and blooming trees to fill the spaces they decorate.

Each painting in our collection is an experience. Be transported to new, green places. Invite life and vitality into a room.

Wake Up Your Space

It’s time to cast away the cobwebs, store the winter flannel, and invite a little joy into your home or office. Top off your spring cleaning and combat the rainy day gloom with cheery, refreshing canvas wall art. Gardens, animals, couples, and even Disney await.

Celebrate Spring With Fine Art

Mother’s Day, Easter, Passover, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, National Garden Day, Earth Day, and Arbor Day. There are plenty of ways and days to celebrate the season.

Invite just a few bright posies in, like those in our Spring Meadows or Spring in the Alps paintings. Or, display an enchanting collection like our Spring Gate, Beyond Spring Gate, and Gardens Beyond Spring Gate.

Brighten Somebody Else’s Day

With natural forest scenes, cozy cottages, and the magic of everyone’s favorite Disney characters, our spring artwork is perfect for gifting. You are sure to find a giftable painting for mom, the grandkids, and every room in the house.

Bringing A Little Spring To Texas

Stop on by to see our uplifting collection of spring artwork today. Find us conveniently situated in the Fort Worth metro area. A Thomas Kinkade Gallery art consultant is waiting to help you find and frame the wall art you’ve been hunting for. We can’t wait to help you take a little bit of sunshine home with you.