Sunset Paintings

Serenity Cove

Find golden evenings and whispy, pastel-backed clouds in sunset paintings from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth. Our Dallas metro area fine art gallery display skies aglow at days end in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.




Lake, Lighthouse & Mountain Sunsets

Have you ever experienced the quiet of the onset of the evening as the sun drops behind the majesty of forested mountains or tall lighthouses? There is nothing like watching the reflections of a changing sky on the surface of a calm lake or tumultuous sea. Bring this feeling home with our paintings of sunsets at lakes, lighthouses, and mountains.

Cottages & Farms At Peace

At the end of a long day at work or play, there’s nothing like resting before the scenes of tranquility in our sunset wall art. Tidy cottages and farmhouses seem to glow with the warm hues of oncoming dusk. Sitting rooms, kitchens, and guest rooms are the perfect places to display and share these feelings of calm and contentment.

Vibrant California Sunsets

In contrast to the serenity of sunsets among the gardens or trees, are the skies alive behind the various cities in our paintings of California sunsets. From seaside to city streets, the sun sets and shifts the light on glistening roads and shores. See how these flamingo pink horizons can take you from Texas to a California state of mind in an instant.

A Golden Evening In Europe

Compliment a dining area or accent a meditation space with European sunset paintings. Skies blaze behind a Venetian Café. The Vatican Sunset watches over a sleepy Italian city. In the painting London, Big Ben glows inviting you to remember vacations abroad or think on bucket listed trips to come.

Find Sunset Art In Texas

Bring home a little bit of warm and firelight in our sunset paintings. We look forward to seeing you at our Fort Worth Thomas Kinkade gallery. We can help you match artwork to your decor or choose the perfect gift. Stop by today to see these masterfully captured scenes and how best to present them.