Zachary Kinkade Biography

Zachary Kinkade

We are delighted to showcase artist Zachary Kinkade in our Fort Worth gallery. Come experience a magical world of creative imagination and unparalleled talent at our showroom where you will find a collection of impressive art worthy of a wall in the finest of homes.

A New Legacy

The nephew of the late internationally recognized painter, Thomas Kinkade, Zachary decided to follow in the artistic tradition but with his own creative vision. After graduating with honors from Cornell University, Zachary expanded on his talents by entering the Art Center School of Design. Youth is no obstacle for this talented artist who has won numerous local, regional, national and international art competitions and recognitions.

Zachary Kinkade Limited Edition Art

If you’re looking for a Zachary Kinkade Limited Edition painting, you will find it at our Dallas-Fort Worth location. We are always adding to our collection of this talented artist’s works. Zachary’s first release, Noah’s Ark, is a full-color painting of his personal interpretation of the classic Bible story and is the first in a series of four. Each painting will capture Biblical and literary themes as envisioned by Zac and using his finely-developed techniques and sense of style.

Every Painting Tells A Story

Zac believes that art should be both technically sophisticated and powerfully evocative so that it tells a story and leaves the viewer with a strong sense of emotion. While his work was influenced early on by his uncle, Thomas Kinkade, Zachary brings a unique element all his own. Focusing on subject matters that have personal significance for many has helped paved the way for this talented young artist to become a mainstay of the art world.

Own A Treasured Work Of Art

Zac Kinkade continues to create works of beautiful art under the Thomas Kinkade Studio’s brand — a brand many have come to know as signifying quality and taste. Come see us in Texas today and discover what awaits.

Press Release

Posted: August 4, 2015

Art Brand Studios, a parent company of the Thomas Kinkade Company, has announced they will begin publishing new artist, Zachary Thomas Kinkade.

Zachary Thomas Kinkade, the nephew of the late internationally recognized painter, Thomas Kinkade, graduated with honors from Cornell University in 2013, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in fine art. He continued his studies at Art Center School of Design following in the footsteps of his uncle but in pursuit of his own artistic vision. Over the years Zac has won numerous local, regional, national and international art competitions and recognitions, often times against competitors many years older than himself.

Several of Zac’s original black and white sketches have already sold for up to $10,000, and the company has had strong interest among collectors for published Limited Edition works. John Hasting, President of Art Brand Studios says, “Zac is a very talented young artist. Our collectors are excited to see new talent coming from the Kinkade family, and have been looking forward to having access to his artwork.”

Zac’s father, Patrick Kinkade, is also involved in the company and serves as Chief Creative Officer of the Thomas Kinkade Studios. “While Zac’s artistic style is different than my brother’s, Zac was very much influenced by him, and has adopted many of the techniques he learned during his studies with Thom. Zac believes that ‘high art’ in pencil and paint should both evoke emotion in, and tell a story to, the viewer. We are very excited to share his work with the world.”

In addition to releasing his own artwork, Zac will be assisting in the Thomas Kinkade Studios as a resident artist. Before his passing, Thomas Kinkade established an atelier of painters and trained them to work in his style and using his techniques. This group of talented individuals, working along with Zac, will continue to create artwork under the Thomas Kinkade Studios brand.

Art Brand Studios will begin publishing Zac’s Limited Edition art with his first release, Noah’s Ark. This full color painting is a personal interpretation of the classic Bible story and the first in a series of four, each capturing Biblical and literary themes. Zac’s Limited Edition artwork will be available for purchase through authorized Thomas Kinkade galleries as well as on the Thomas Kinkade website. Noah’s Ark will officially release to the public on August 6th.